Excerpt from Pastor Don's book, Come! Follow Me! (2011):

Jesus gave a clear and direct invitation to those who would be His disciples, Come! Follow Me! He did not enroll them in a classroom. He offered them a relationship. He would be the Teacher, and they would be His students. His expectation was that they would follow Him with eyes, ears and hearts open wide about who He was and what the nature of His ministry was. This would be a journey, a day-by-day opportunity to see Jesus be Savior to those who were broken, Judge to those who were religious pretenders, and Guide to those who wanted to know the path to truth and life. Walk along with Jesus and His disciples. It will enable you to participate in the most incredible study of discipleship you can imagine. Walk prayerfully, and bring along a teachable spirit. Come, let us follow after Him! He has much to teach us.



Associate Pastor/Minister of Music

Rev. Phillip W. Rowell

"Worship is a strong impulse

we cannot resist when we come

to know Jesus as personal

Savior and Lord!"








Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Elaine James (Serving an amazing 30 plus years!)



Mrs. Luan Harper

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