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Our Beginning


Calvary Baptist Church had its beginning in August, of 1936.  Mrs. Annie Mundy Thiot was the widow of Rev. Richard W. Thiot, a Baptist minister who served many churches in Florida.  After his death, the family returned to Brunswick to make their home.  
Mrs. Thiot saw the need for a ministry in the area and started a Sunday School at her home in Belle Point.  People involved during these early days recall children's Sunday School classes sitting on the steps of Mrs. Thiot's home.  Adult classes met under the shade trees.





According to membership records, those received into the church in 1936-37 were Mrs. George Bradham, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Whitley, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. George, H. D. Bradham, Mrs. R. W. Thiot, Miss Hester Harrison, and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Holmes.  
The river next to the Thiot house was used for baptismal services.

Mrs. Thiot died in July, 1956, with interment  in Restlawn Memorial Park, Jacksonville, Florida.


A Place of our own

The church acquired a lot that had a concrete slab on it.  The men of the church made plans to build on the site.  Building materials came from a salvaged building and lumber companies donated lumber. A man in the community drew plans for the building.  Labor was by volunteers of the church.  It was at this location that the church name was changed to Immanuel Baptist Church.

Within a year the facilities at Immanuel could no longer accommodate the people and the church began looking for some land on which to build.  The church site on Drive 3, Goodyear Homes subdivision, was acquired through the generosity of J. W. Wells of the Wells Lumber Co., Montgomery, Alabama, and Mr. John Roberts of the Bank of Hazlehurst  (builders of Goodyear Homes). The deed is dated May 9, 1944.  The street in front of the church at 3105 Wildwood was known as Drive 3 during the war years.  Sometime shortly after 1953 it was named Wildwood Drive.

When the building was partially completed sometime in 1944, the church moved from the old location to the present day site.  It was at this time that the name of the church was changed to Calvary Baptist.
The Annie M. Thiot building was dedicated February 28,1960.

Thiot Building




Thiot Building





There was a low of 54 in Sunday School attendance September 11, 1960, with no Church Training that night.  Hurricane Donna hit that night.   Due to damage from the hurricane, the roof and front doors of the sanctuary had to be replaced.
The year 1968 was another vital time in the life of the church.  A Building Fund was started in April for the construction of a new sanctuary.  Groundbreaking was held July 6,1969.


The new sanctuary begins to take shape as walls go up.







The sanctuary in the final stages







The sanctuary seating 500 worshippers was completed in five months at a cost of $100,000.  It was dedicated December 14, 1969. Participating in the services were the pastor, Rev. Ralph Wade, and former pastors, Rev. D. P. Ward and Rev. G. A Hunter, Jr.  The pastor and members read responsively the dedication vows which in part read:


"We dedicate this building--to the Eternal God—who through Jesus Christ has made known to us His redeeming love—for the purpose of teaching, training, equipping, and encouraging people to serve the Lord—for the fellowship of the saints—to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ".



All Church services were cancelled for Sunday, December 24,1989 due to snow in the area.


Calvary Baptist Church
December 24,1989
(Photo by Martha Anderson)


Sunday, September 6, 2009, was the first worship service to include the new  "Praise Team."


A New Beginning (with God's help)

In October, 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused great damage to our facilities mostly by flooding the interior bringing dangerous bacteria and mold spores!  What a time of seeing God at work as He is providing a way to restore Calvary to "good as new" condition!


First day the congregation moved back into the remodeled Fellowship Hall was August 6, 2017.  While a lot about flood control was learned through the experience of Hurricane Matthew, in September, 2017, Hurricane Irma came through and pushed our progress back about a month's worth of work:  we learned even more about flood control!  In the Sanctuary, rain water came through the roof after the steeple was blown off, but little damage was done due to the Sanctuary was completely gutted getting ready for repairs from Matthew.  

As we forge ahead, Phase 1 (the Education Building) and Phase 2 (The Sanctuary) are almost complete. 

Although services were yet to be held in the Sanctuary, CBC hosted The Farm Hands from Nashville, TN in the new Sanctuary, September 8, 2018.

Dedication Services were held Sunday, December 2, 2018 with an Open House time on Saturday before, December 1, 2018 with friends and previous members coming to see what God has done!  

As of June 2019, restoration work is still ongoing with members dedicating time and money along with other donations being used as they come in.  Mrs. Thiot's grandson, George Brown has a website set up to receive donations for those who would like to donate online:


Please, be part of the legacy of God's people He used to build and sustain Calvary Baptist Church!



L. Y.  Lewis                                       1936 - 1937                            

H. J. Pritchard                                  1938 - 1939  

**None year of 1940

Sidney M. Parks                              1941 - 1942

Joseph W. Bland                             1943

N. S. Hardin                                     1943 - 1945

Julian L. Dyess                                1946

Carl E. Cassidy                                1947

R. B. Bullard                                     1948 - 1950

H. O. Wainwright                              1950 - 1952

D. P. Ward                                        1952 - 1956

Gordon A. Hunter, Jr.                       1956 - 1966

Ralph E. Wade                                 1966 - 1971

Robert Hoffmann                              1971 - 1973

W. Truitt Kendrick                             1973 - 1975

Jimmie C. Chapman                         1976 - 1981

Ronald A. Hazlett                             1982 - 1990

R. F. Haney                                      1991 – 1994

R. E. Stinson                                    1996 -  2007

Gregory Scott Love                          2008 – 2011

Peter Vivenzio                                  2012 –2014

Dr. Donald Spires                             2014 –Current



Ministers of Education, Music and Youth


Carl Lavon Crosby     October, 1975 – December, 1985

                                                          October, 1991 – December, 1991

                                                          June, 1992 – June, 1997

                                                          Sept. 1, 2001 – August 10, 2002

                                                          April 28, 2013 – Sept. 25, 2013

George S. Lipscomb                            July, 1981 – 1982

William K. Sorrell                           January, 1984 – 1985

Vincent O. Gonzalez         December, 1985 – April, 1992

Alan W. McCall                                             1992 – 1993

Ronald G. Raines                    June, 1997 – August, 200l

Jeffrey A. Bradley, Sr.                              August 11, 2002

                                                           August 27, 2006

Robert Charles Howell                 September 2006 - 2011

Randy Smith                       Sept. 1, 2007 – May 31, 2010

Stephen Rhoades               Sept. 6, 2010 – Nov. 20, 2011

Martha Pahris                    Sept. 19, 2011 – Jan. 22, 2012

John Baker Thomas                       July 2012 – April 2013

Phillip W Rowell                          Sept 29, 2013 -- Current




Hester Harrison                                 1938 – 1940

Mrs. Joel Holmes                               1941 – 1942

J. H. Harper & H. S. Meters               1944

Myrtle Holmes                                    1945

Hester Harrison                                  Acting

Mrs. H. G. Miller                                 1946

Hester Harrison                                  Acting

J. N. Bethune                                     1947 – 1953

Iva Lee Roberson                               September, 1953 – September, 1955

W. S. Roberts                                     November, 1955 – 1957

Linda Smith                                        January, 1959 – June, 1962

Mrs. Linda Wakefield                          1961 – 1962

Linda Thrower                                    July, 1962

Louise Cox                                         September, 1962 – September, 1966

Margaret Bennett                               October, 1966 – August, 1971

Jeanette Lindsey                                September, 1971 – September, 1976

Frances Sapp                                     September, 1976 – September, 1982

Pennie Duncan                                   November, 1982 – November, 1983

Frances Sapp                                     November, 1983 – September, 1984

Connie Hines                                      October, 1984 – September, 1986

Lisa Curl                                              March, 1987 – October, 1987

Jeanette Lindsey                                 November, 1987 – 1993

Karen Martin                                       1993 – 2003

Elaine James                                       2003 - 




Mrs. K. E. Bennett     1965 – 1969 (part time)

Jeanette Lindsey                 1969 – May 1975

Frances Sapp              May 1975 – July 1984

Elaine James                  July 1984 -- Current






Hester Harrison                                 1938 – 1940                                     

Mrs. Joel Holmes                               1941 – 1942

Unknown                                            1943 - 1945

J. N. Bethune                                     1946 – 1947

Hester Harrison                                  September, 1947 – November, 1947

J. J. Moore                                         November, 1947

Farris Champion                                December, 1947 – 1952

Mr. & Mrs. D. E. Fiveash                    1953

Ralph E. Smith                                   1954 – 1988      ( 34 years )

Charles Martin                                    1989 – July 5,2006

Larry Greene                                      July 23, 2006 – September 4, 2007

Randy Smith                                       September 5, 2007 – June 6, 2008

Angela Drury                                      June 6, 2008 – August 4, 2009

Faye Small                                         August 5, 2009 -- May, 2018

Luan Harper                                       May, 2018 -- Current



Church Signs











First church sign erected at Calvary (Prior to 1952)














The first sign, being in a state of disrepair was remodeled in April 1987.






New church sign erected in year 2000. 

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